BÜRO BÜRO machen Musik für die spätkapitalistische Existenzkrise. Releases Singles: "bouquet" (2021) "büro" (2022) “es got no me” (2022) “bouquet (album version)” (2022)   Ep: "Büro" (2022) Videos Merch BÜRO – Büro (Tape) CHF 15 Add to cart

Bingo Hall River Boys

Bingo Hall River Boys Country Punk The two nonconformist cowboys slay machos and other evils from horseback, search for the great love or treat themselves to a break from the hero-buisness on the beaches of Mallorca. Jane Insane and Billy Hill create their own counter-narrative to the Hollywood fairy tale. The sound is rough, the [...]

rémy sax

rémy sax Tosendes Gewitter, grelles Licht. Die Dinge werden zu Verbündeten. Ohne Vorstellung anfangen. Versprechen können nur schwer eingehalten werden. Ungewohnte Partnerschaften eingehen. Sich zum Tanz verschwestern. Die Lichter um dich herum rot und grün. Sprache nützt hier nichts. Oft geht es ganz leicht - meine Metall-, Holz- und Plastik-Freunde. Durch euch fliesst ein Funke. [...]


Paradisco Indietronica Paradisco are Bern based singer and electronic musician Lea Heimann and her blood sister, groove wizard Katharina Reidy. Named after a song by Charlotte Gainsbourg, this exciting duo is known for its intense stage performances, punchy yet catchy hooks and their diverse collaborations with other artists. Releases Singles: "On Top" (2022) "Some Kind [...]


Zuckerbecker DIY Punk Zuckerbecker from Zurich and Bern combine jangly guitar sounds with post punk. In May 2021 they released the self-recorded 7inch "Maintenance/Success" physically and digitally on AuGeil Records. After a first demo (2020), this is the quartet's second release. Releases EPs: “Demo” (2020)   Singles: “Maintenance/Success” (2021) Videos

The Shattered Mind Machine

The Shattered Mind Machine Post-Punk/Psych-Rock The three-piece band conjures up an oppressive mood between cold post-punk and energetic psych-rock in their music - but without fear of interjections from more accessible moments. Releases Alben: “Gourrama” (2019) “Apparatschik” (2021) “Technokrat” (2023)   EPs: “Strange Illusion” (2018) “AuGeil Sessions 02(Live)” (2019)   Singles: “Mighty Crocodile” (2017) “Trilog” [...]

Salon Vert

Salon Vert Discours Féministe Solo artist Claude uses sound and film to question and dissect social constructs and mechanisms. Since 2019, Claude has been running SALON VERT, using the space for experimental sound research, producing a feminist radio show and developing interdisciplinary sound performances in collaboration with other artists, musicians and performers. Releases Alben: “Discours [...]


Prozpera Soft Bedroom Pop Prozpera brings the sound from her bedroom directly to the live stage. The singer presents herself in endless emotional chaos and a pinch of kitsch. You'd better be prepared for a rollercoaster ride full of emotions. Releases EPs: „How to Kill a God” (2021)   Singles: “TRYST” (2019) “OBLIVION” (2019) “EPHEMERAL” [...]

Para Para

Para Para Indie Dream Pop The head of the project, Liam Haller, brews music out of a lot of heartache, ten chorus pedals switched one after the other and analogue synthesizers. Stylistically, it probably falls somewhere between dream-pop and psych-rock, with a touch of hyper-pop-trap rounding it off. Voilà, c'est Para Para. Releases EPs: “of [...]


P.Noir Tribal Drone In their unique style, the Basel duo P. Noir celebrate the ultimate fusion of dub and electroacoustics with maximum reduction of the musical elements. What remains is a trip full of drums, drones and dread. Releases Alben: “F 109” (2016) “Atlas” (2019) Videos Merch P. Noir – Atlas (Double LP) CHF 30 Add [...]

Obacht Obacht

Obacht Obacht Bedroom Rock’n’Roll Extravaganza Cranky garage rockers like to flirt with synth-pop sometimes; a back and forth between tape-dry bedroom sounds and long-winded noisy guitar walls. Releases Alben: „Obacht Obacht“(2016) „Wormhole Songs“ (2018) „Diorama“ (2020) "Reality Check" (2022)   EPs: „Some Ghosts“ (2017) „AuGeil Sessions 01(Live)“ (2019)   Singles: „In Kontakt“ (2019) „Monument“ (2019) [...]

Kaktus Neus

Kaktus Neus Interdisciplinary Programmatic Music Kaktus Neus writes and produces programmatic music and is constantly evolving the field of electronica. Releases Albums "Di chalti Stadt" (2022)   EPs: „Robo Religion“ (2019) „D Robo Religion“ (2020)   Singles: „Drive“ (2018) „Praying Robot“ (2019) «Erwart nüt/Di chalti Stadt» (2019) «Collision» (2021) Videos

Haile Selacid

Haile Selacid NWoBHM Punk Black Metal Formed and based in Frauenfeld, Haile Selacid plays a wild mix of NWoBHM, Punk and Black Metal. Releases Singles: „DarthKillMeister“ (2019) „Haile Selacid Ultras“ (2020) „Faust“ (2021) Videos Merch Haile Selacid – Haile Selacid Ultras (7”) CHF 10 Add to cart

Gamma Kite

Gamma Kite Indie Dream Bedroom Pop Gamma Kite alias Louis Keller bewegt sich fliessend zwischen Indie, Psychedelic-Rock und Pop. Mit viel Feingefühl arrangiert er Schicht um Schicht seine verträumt-verlorenen Songs. Auf der Bühne mit Verstärkung mal Vier werden die Regler dann ordentlich nach oben gedreht und dem raffinierten Songwriting so nochmals ein neues Gesicht geschenkt. [...]

Crème Solaire

Crème Solaire Glitch Hop Electro Punk In a strange and intense world, Crème solaire allows itself an unlikely mix of absurd electro-punk-pop, but always with something sweet. Between screams, melodies and power, Crème solaire promises you a full-frame version with IP-1000 protection factor. Releases Alben: „Bleu c’est bien“ (2019) „BéBé?“ (2020) „Pannenstreifen ist ohne Pic-Nic“ [...]

Carve Up!

Carve Up! Alternative Carve Up! is wild and strange. Far away from the pathos and dusty hierarchies of conventional rock formations they are oriented towards handcrafted spaces where faded memories mix up with sound and noise and illustrate beautifully confused stories. Releases LPs "Carve Up!" (2022)   EPs „AuGeil Sessions 05 (Live)“ (2019)   Singles [...]

Ape Rites

Ape Rites Garage Rock The trio from Zurich moves between reverbed surf, 60s rock and fast garage numbers. Their music is handmade and consists of guitar, bass, drum and recently a clattering organ. Releases Alben: “Dolci” (2018) “Age of the Ape” (2021)   Singles: “Autocorso/Black Skirt” (2018) “Mr.Slipper & His Lazy Cats/Ape Rites – Split [...]