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GeilTape Nr.5



Paradisco Indietronica Paradisco are Bern based singer and electronic musician Lea Heimann and her blood sister, groove wizard Katharina Reidy. Named after a song by Charlotte Gainsbourg, this exciting duo is known for its intense stage performances, punchy yet catchy hooks and their diverse collaborations with other artists. Releases EPs: “Love is my lifestyle” (2019) [...]


Zuckerbecker DIY Punk Zuckerbecker from Zurich and Bern combine jangly guitar sounds with post punk. In May 2021 they released the self-recorded 7inch "Maintenance/Success" physically and digitally on AuGeil Records. After a first demo (2020), this is the quartet's second release. Releases EPs: “Demo” (2020)   Singles: “Maintenance/Success” (2021) Videos

The Shattered Mind Machine

The Shattered Mind Machine Harsh Rock The three-piece band conjures up an oppressive mood between cold post-punk and energetic psych-rock in their music - but without fear of interjections from more accessible moments. Releases Alben: “Gourrama” (2019) “Apparatschick” (2021)   EPs: “Strange Illusion” (2018) “AuGeil Sessions 02(Live)” (2019)   Singles: “Mighty Crocodile” (2017) “Trilog” (2017) [...]


The Shattered Mind Machine


Venue: Musig i dä Stadt
City: Frauenfeld

Gamma Kite


Venue: Träffpunkt Festival
City: Biberist